the “Greek Caribbean”, Syvota lies among green islets, endowed with a unique landscape consisting of beautiful beaches and small fjord-like coves, in the embrace of the Ionian Sea.


Inspiring unparalleled awe and with rich natural beauty for a more mystical experience, with roots in ancient mysteries,

the Acheron River will always be a must-see for discerning travellers, as a single visit will never be enough.


Preveza, thanks to its huge beaches, archaeological and historical sites, such as the Necromantic Oracle of Acheron and  ancient Nicopolis, as well as its infrastructure, has become a very popular tourist destination.


Historical attractions, beautiful beaches, organised infrastructure. Having passed from Venetian, French, Turkish and English rule, Parga now stands proud in the north-western part of the prefecture of Preveza, embracing the Pezovolos hill and inviting visitors to discover it.


Ioannina is the largest city of Epirus and the capital of the prefecture. Built on the banks of Lake Pamvotida, at an altitude of 500 metres, it is enchanting in its beauty and warm atmosphere.

The combination of its innumerable historical monuments and museums with the incredible natural beauty of its landscape guarantee visitors will fall in love with it.
The castle of Ioannina, the lake with its islet, the cave, the stunning old town with its traditional stores, its excellent market and the numerous old mansions that dominate the city are set to attract visitors’ interest and capture their hearts.


Zagoriochoria is a network of 46 villages, where you can find everything you seek. Bustling or calm villages, villages with incredible views or villages perched in the forest.

Forests and arid peaks, crystal clear rivers such as Voidomatis and alpine lakes, such as the Drakolimnes.
In the Zagorochoria, visitors can also admire the traditional architecture, based on stone and wood, the main materials used to make houses in the past and even now (Most villages in Zagori are designated traditional villages under the Zagori Decree).
The Vikos Gorge is another attraction that is not only worth seeing, but also hiking along, as it is crossed by a designated European nature trail.


A small picturesque mountain town with a rich traditional colour, built in the Pindos Mountains – at an altitude of 1,160 metres – in an impressive landscape.

The commercial and administrative centre of the region, with significant tourist traffic, Metsovo is famous for its local products – cheese, pasta and wine – and handicrafts – woodcarvings and textiles. Thanks to its strategic position, close to the point where Epirus, Thessaly and Macedonia meet, it flourished mainly in the 18th century, as a commercial, craft and cultural centre.


Meteora is one of the most impressive and unique geological monuments not only of Greece but of the world, but, beyond the uniqueness and beauty of the wider region of Meteora,

the area accommodates the second largest and most important Orthodox monastic community in Greece.
That is why it is known as the second Mount Athos, which has maintained its religious and monastic tradition for centuries.